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Main Service

Ground Transportation

Through firmly established partnerships with some of  leading full load & groupage service operators, Huadai International Freihgt has access to reliable networks at competitive rates. Huadai is a major road transport & container haulage provider with our own haulage department. 

Air Freight

Huadai's air freight service are designed to support customers' requirements for both fast and slow transit times.Huadai's selection of preferred air carrier partners allows us to mix and match both rate and transit requirements for each individual customer.we are good at all air from China shipments.

Sea Freight


As one of the key China shipping companies and leading global freight forwarders, HUADAI provide a comprehensive portfolio of Sea Freight Services. Our sea freight department specializes in providing our clients with up to date information relating to their full load container (FCL) or less than container load (LCL) shipments.

Project Cargo


Huadai is a project cargo specialist for large and out of gauge project cargo.Huadai handles an extensive range of project cargoes from large construction vehicles, plant and machinery, to large construction items such as storage and production tanks through to new build and dismantled factory components, inter-connector pipelines and other out of gauge items.

Warehousing & Distribution


Huadai offers a complete range of warehousing solutions on a global basis throughout our network. We offer both shared and dedicated warehousing and a full range of value added services.Huadai has the ability to manage our customer’s inventory in many locations worldwide placing their stock close to their end client. 

Customs Brokerage


Huadai offers complete customs brokerage services 7 days a week throughout China. We can assure accurate and timely release of your cargo at any port of arrival. We can help you control your import activities and comply with all import regulatory requirements.


All kinds of batteries such lead-acid battery,LiFePO4 battery,Litium metal battery,NI-MH battery,lithium polymer battery,Ni-Cd battery,alkaline battery etc.

Cleanser, shower gel, shampoo, lotion, perfume, cleansing water, makeup remover,dope;honey,hair milk, cream milk;foundation cream, shampoo, concealer,hair cream;talcum powder,cleansing powder,lipstick, wax;cleansing oil, skin oil, pomades, essential oils.

Machinery & Equipment

Machinery(Car;motorcycle;agricultural; Construction;machine tools etc.)

Equipment (Automobile accessories;precision instrument etc.)

Include all kinds of painting and coating,printing ink,latex, solvent and catalysts,lubricant etc.

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All kinds of medical products including traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, prescription medicine, ointment, hormone, pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials, chemicals, health products, weight loss drugs, oral liquid, capsules, biological reagents, medical device etc.

Mainly includes all kinds of food,liquor and other fruit drinks, tea and milk,sodas、coffee、porridge、sauce、canned goods、jelly、energy drinks and other nutrients

Plants such as trees,grass,flowers,bamboo, indoor and outdoor potted flowers and seedlings,roots and seedlings of fruit trees,Chinese medicinal materials,nourishing ingredients etc.

Include agricultural chemicals,seeds,chemical fertilizer,insecticide,herbicide etc.

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About Us

Huadai is committed to building Chinese largest and most professional ocean shipping, air freight, customs declaration, trailer, commodity inspection enterprises, Huadai's high coverage and efficient service has been recognized by many companies and institutions with its perfect service network,Huadai always provides clients with safe, economic and professional services with the most professional ability.Since its establishment, huadai has undertaken the international transportation agency business of import and export goods by sea and air, including cargo collection, booking, warehousing, transshipment, container consolidation and unpacking, settlement of freight and miscellaneous charges, customs declaration, inspection, insurance, warehousing, loading and unloading, distribution and other related land transportation services and consulting services.Huadai is now the appointed agent of more than 20 first-class shipping companies. With good business contacts, it maintains a good and close relationship with shipping companies, especially in Africa, Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States;

Huadai has a dedicated company management team, efficient and perfect company information management system. Huadai has a big agency system overseas, and win praise from the market with professional service and good credit. In addition, Huadai also provides import and export services for customers, including providing legal import and export services for customers without import and export rights and goods without import and export approval documents. We set up our own customs declaration company in Shenzhen/Guangzhou/Shanghai/Ningbo/Qingdao/Beijing/Tianjin/Dalian/Chongqing/Wuhan/Nanjing/Xiamen. We can handle import and export declaration business for our customers directly and quickly with our customs brokers.

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