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Sea Freight


As one of the key China shipping companies and leading global freight forwarders, HUADAI provide a comprehensive portfolio of Sea Freight Services. Our sea freight department specializes in providing our clients with up to date information relating to their full load container (FCL) or less than container load (LCL) shipments or out-of-gauge cargo shipping.

  • Full load/ part load, weekly service; fast or flexible door to door solution between China & Worldwide main ports

  • Consolidate different suppliers’ shipments at origin to cut down destination costs

  • Negotiation with carriers to achieve most cost-effective rate and with efficiency

  • International sea freight customs and duty management

  • Multimodal freight transport worldwide

  • Packing, warehousing and storing services

  • Handling special cargo – perishable,dangerous, timed controlled cargo

  • Ro-Ro & Bulk-cargo shipments

  • All risk insurance

Sea freight rates

To provide you the best sea freight quotation (price), please copy and paste the below in "Message" field and complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Shipment Details

- Origin of your shipment : Place of receipt / Port of Loading

- Destination of your shipment : Place of Delivery / Port of Discharge

- Commodity(Name,weight,volume)

- Requested Departure date / Frequency

Sea freight schedule

Before sea freight booking,we will choose the fastest ocean carrier within your budget,after loading,Huadai will track with you and update to you the latest container status.

Sea freight carriers

Huadai International Freight is cooperating with more than 30 sea freight carriers,we can guarantee the containers and lines settled on time from picking up and loading to discharging at destination. 

Sea freight booking

Before we book the container,some necessary inforomation need to be clear:



-Notify party(name,address,contacts)

-Port info(port of loading/port of discharge)

-Vessel info(Vessel name,voyage,cut off date,loading date)

-Cargo info(Marks,goods and descriptions,quantity,weight,specification etc)

Sea freight documents

Sea freight documents are the most important parts during the operation,if the freight agent is not so experienced,it always occor serious issues , slightly it will cost additional charge ,even worse,it will directly influence our loading in origin or pick up at destination,with our experienced years' operation,Huadai built a one-stop solution and strict standard with docs operation,let all process more accurate and efficient.

Sea freight tracking

Huadai International Freight's sea freight tracking system guarantees all lines safe and quick.


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