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DG Cargo Trailier


Huadai has a fleet that has been engaged in the domestic transportation of dangerous goods for a long time. More than 100 self operated and joint venture dangerous goods vehicles, with qualifications for entering ports and dangerous warehouses, mainly engaged in domestic gate point truck trailers, import gate point truck delivery, and national bulk transportation of 2-9 categories of dangerous goods. It can operate the transportation of all types of dangerous goods except for Class 1 and Class 7, including Class 2.3 and 6.1 highly toxic goods, dangerous goods refrigerators (with built-in generators), self unloading dangerous goods container truck transportation, air suspension gooseneck low plate dangerous goods container truck transportation, bonded area customs supervision of dangerous goods container trucks and bulk truck transportation, etc.

All drivers in the fleet have at least 5 years of experience driving dangerous goods vehicles. Each dangerous goods vehicle is equipped with 2 drivers and 1 escort working alternately. The vehicle is equipped with a GPS positioning system to ensure that each dangerous goods vehicle is in a safe and monitored state 24 hours a day. The fleet campsite has a vehicle repair and maintenance center, and each dangerous goods vehicle must undergo strict inspection and testing before going on the road to ensure the safety and reliability of each transportation.

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