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Air from China

Huadai International Freight's air freight service are designed to support customers' requirements for both fast and slow transit times.Huadai's selection of preferred air carrier partners allows us to mix and match both rate and transit requirements for each individual customer.Our air freight team takes care of global air shipments from city to city, door to door.

air from China

what we offer by air freight service ?

  • Daily flight service

  • Regular consolidation between China and worldwide major airports

  • Services ranging from express to economy

  • Courier service and on-board courier

  • The flexibility to provide tailor made solutions on your need

  • Negotiation with carriers to achieve most cost-effective rate and with efficiency

  • International air freight customs and duty management

  • Full and part charter service

  • Deliveries to destinations

  • Packing, warehousing and storing services

  • Handling special air cargo –  perishable, dangerous and exhibition goods

  • All risk insurance

Which airports or routes are most superior to us for handling?

Huadai is dedicated to air from China main airports ,cities to worldwide destination.Some special handling goods will be air from Hong Kong.


What goods can we take by air?

We can take most general cargo or DG goods,we also have some special handling mainly inlcudes :

  • Battery transportation (Polymer Lithium Battery;LiFePO4;LiCoO2;LiMn2O4;LiNiO2;LiSO2;LiMnO2;LiSOCl2;LiFeS2;NI-HM;Ni-Cd;Zn-Mno2;ZnAg2O;Zn-Air ;Lead acid battery etc.)

  • Electronics(E-cigarettes;self-balancing scooters;Swing car;Unmanned Aerial Vehicle etc.)

  • Wood(Crude wood;plank stuff;furniture etc.)

  • Stone

  • Jewelry

  • Antiques

  • Canvases

  • Yacht/Junk

  • Machinery(Car;motorcycle;agricultural; Construction;machine tools etc.)

  • Equipment (Automobile accessories;precision instrument etc.)

  • Food(meat;drinking;wine)

  • Fluid (Perfume;Paint;Lube,Wine;Oil;Medicine;Scour;Cosmetic etc.)

  • Powder (Metal;Medicine;foodstuff etc.)

  • Plant(flowers;trees;bamboo)

Welcome to inquiry if you have any DG goods air from China.


Which airlines can we provide ?

We work with wordwide major airlines such as CA,CZ,KA,MU,QR,TK,CX,EK,AZ,AY etc.


How do we operate?

We will send you booking form before you place an order ,after you confirm all air cargo information such as goods name, weight,volume,airport of loading and discharge,delivery address etc.Then we will book a flight according with your booking confirmed,after we get all docs including packing list and commercial invoice,we will offer you Airway bill for checking,then track the goods and update you latest status shipping news after all finished.


Why choose Huadai for handling air from China or air from Hong Kong?

WIth many years' experience for air from China and air from Hong Kong,the global network with airlines and worldwide agents,Huadai can offer you most cost-effective and flexible air solutions,we handling from small private effects to large pallets or project cargoes,from express to economy,provide you point to point ,city to city and other valued services.


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