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DG Cargo Handling


Huadai is committed to the international logistics industry of hazardous chemicals, providing customers with one-stop logistics services such as sea freight, air freight, import and export, ISO TANK, trailer, warehousing, customs declaration and inspection, hazardous material declaration, maritime filing, GHS labeling and UN packaging rectification, hazardous material logistics consulting and training. We are a professional supplier of international logistics services for hazardous materials.


We are a booking agent for shipping companies such as MSK, SAF, MSC, ONE, EMC, HMM, WHL, KMTC, SITC, as well as airlines such as CX, EY, CA, CK, TK, EK, etc. We are familiar with the information, requirements, and limitations of dangerous goods booking for major shipping companies and airlines, and use professional operations to save customers booking time and reduce booking costs.


We have been serving hazardous chemicals such as lithium batteries and new energy, pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticides and fertilizers, fine chemicals, paint coatings, special gases, refrigerants, water treatment, and has accumulated a large amount of industry operation experience and customer base. We can tailor the most reasonable and professional international logistics solutions according to the different requirements of different customer groups and the different properties of products.


We have numerous professional dangerous goods agents in major economic regions of various continents around the world. Our dangerous goods business covers major ports and inland cities around the world, providing customers with value-added services such as dangerous goods declaration, import and export customs clearance, DDU, DDP, trailer, warehousing and distribution.  Huadai has always attached great importance to the introduction and cultivation of outstanding talents, the construction and management of company culture, and has a core team that has been engaged in international logistics of dangerous goods for a long time. All employees of the Huadai must undergo strict and professional training and assessment on dangerous goods before taking up their positions. Huadai has received training from customs, maritime authorities, port authorities, ISO, IMDG, IATA, DGR, and has participated in industry exhibitions and summit forums such as CPHI, CAC, ACE, and ICIF all year round. Through unremitting efforts and firm beliefs, Huadai has won a good reputation and market position in the industry, and has received long-term support and praise from our customers.


Our professional operation team, dedicated work attitude, and dedicated service spirit enable us to provide comprehensive international logistics service solutions for dangerous goods. We will continue to strive for practicality and innovation, making our service work increasingly perfect. We will work together with you in the fierce global business war to cooperate and win together!

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