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DG Cargo Customs Brokerage


Huadai Group, with its vast overseas agency network covering numerous countries and regions around the world, provides customers with high-quality and highly competitive international sea and air freight import services for dangerous goods.

We can, based on customer requirements, combine the strength of domestic and foreign companies and agents, rely on rich experience, professional operation, standardized management system, and full process risk control advantages to carry imported dangerous goods booking and multimodal transportation from major ports and inland points in the world to Chinese ports (transaction methods can be EXW, FCA, FOB, CIF, DAP, DDP, etc.). With our global service network, we can quickly arrange the receipt, booking, customs clearance, and shipping schedule of imported goods. Through a comprehensive and efficient ERP management system and cargo tracking system, we can timely track cargo dynamics and operational nodes and provide feedback to customers.

*In terms of importing dangerous goods, we can provide the following services:

1. Provide sea freight full container and air freight import services for Class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.1, 8, and 9 dangerous goods.

2. Provide sea freight LCL import services for Class 3, 8, and 9 dangerous goods.

3. Sea freight import services for ISO TANK boxes and liquid bags.

4. Pre declaration, pre clearance, and animal health inspection services for imported dangerous goods.

5. Dangerous goods import unpacking, warehousing, packaging replacement, distribution, and door-to-door delivery.

6. Rectification of imported GHS Chinese public label and UN packaging.

7. Handling import registration for dangerous goods, IMI classification and identification report for dangerous goods, and Class 2 gas first in first out cylinder certificate.

*Our Advantages:

1. Quick clearance capability

Before the ship docks, customs clearance documents can be submitted for quick clearance, and the operating unit can release the goods after paying taxes, which can greatly shorten the clearance time of the goods, improve efficiency, and save costs.

2. GHS labeling and UN packaging capabilities

For goods that have not posted GHS Chinese public labels and used UN packaging according to regulations, GHS label identification reports can be quickly processed on behalf of the agency, and emergency rectification and rapid release of hazardous warehouses can be coordinated.

3. Strong storage and distribution capabilities for hazardous materials

Huadai has 30000 square meters of dangerous goods warehouses, including Class A (including highly toxic), Class B, and Class C warehouses with an area of approximately 8000 square meters, and a working area of over 10000 square meters, which can meet the requirements for dangerous goods warehousing, unpacking, warehousing, and packaging replacement. At the same time, Huadai has more than 100 self operated and joint venture dangerous goods vehicles, which can meet the national requirements for the delivery of dangerous goods full container and less than half load bulk goods at doorpoints.

4. A comprehensive overseas agency network

Huadai has numerous professional dangerous goods agents in major economic regions around the world, providing doorstep pick-up, warehousing and loading, dangerous goods declaration and customs declaration, sea and air booking services in major countries and cities.

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