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Entrepot Trade



Step One: Booking from any port of China to transit countries ( Malaysia, Thailand , Vietnam, Philippines , etc. )

Firstly,we book container from carriers,the consignee displayed as our agent in transit countries.

Secondly,local trucking and declearation can be arranged by either the shipper or Huadi International Freight.


Step Two: Our agent in transit country book the container to final port of consignee's.

1)After the container arriving tranist port,our agent will exchange the container ,make clearance,truck etc.

2)After the container transfered from port of transhipment ,our agent will provide a whole set of documents including Bill of Lading,Certificate of Origin, or FORM A,Invoice and Packing List.


Step Three:Arrange payment then get above documents for clearance at final port .


Currently the world's growing number of restriction and anti-dumping policy on Chinese products is serious, especially Turkey, Mexico , the European Union and other countries restrictions on Chinese textiles . The only way is entrepot trade to enable importers to get rid of high tariffs and import restrictions .


Products suitable for entrepot trade: all types of clothing ( garments ) , fasteners , shoes, socks , hats , cloth, plastics , tiles , ceramics , televisions , lamps , bicycles , toys, individual canned food and automotive accessories.


Entrepot such as : Malaysia, Indonesia , India, Thailand , Singapore , Bangladesh, Taiwan


The documents applied : Indonesia C/O ( certificate of CCPIT or leglized from Embassy ) , Malaysia C/O ( certificate of CCPIT or leglized from Embassy), BV-CDV, factory proof ( production report + capacity report ), KⅡ etc ; India, Thailand , Singapore , Bangladesh, Taiwan C / O or FM A etc.


Product Requirements :  "Made in China " remark or "fake brank goods"is unacceptable.  Packaging is different depending on the area  .Neutral Packing is available in most European countries, but not available in Turkey , North America , South America and other countries , so ought to be marked as "Made in Indonesia "etc.

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