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Huadai Services


Our most important commitment is to Customer Service.


We understand that no organization is the same and that too often solutions are based on pre-set templates that ignore the many variables specific to each and every need of the individual customer. Huadai International Freight is dedicated to providing service based solutions to our customers, creating logistics peace of mind by tailoring every solution to the specific need.


Our team of expert logisticians is able to quickly and nimbly customize solutions for our customers. We dedicate customer service representatives to each of our valued customers, allowing any adjustments, questions or concerns to be resolved swiftly and efficiently.We believe this gives our customers additional peace of mind, allowing them to focus on the needs of their own business.


No matter where your needs take you, Huadai International Freight has you covered. Through our extensive domestic and international network of offices and partners, we are able to offer our customers enhanced peace of mind since we have ‘boots on the ground’ ready to do whatever it takes to ensure your logistics needs are met. We will continue to build and solidify our domestic and global network in order to provide our existing and future customers the means to meet their demands. Having a clear understanding of the logistics processes and requirements of each destination is essential to the effectiveness and efficiency of the service we offer, and ultimately the success of our customers operation.


Please feel free to take a look at some of the specific services we provide and to reach out to us with any questions about these services and how we might be able to help you reach your logistics goals.

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