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Battery Transportation


Huadai is specialized in battery transportation , has rich battery operational experience,provides you with full import and export battery logistics solutions.With a large number of batteries and other energy used in life and industry,kinds of battery transportation accidents occurred due to wrong operation,so the organizations IATA/IMO constantly strenthen supervision in battery transporation and battery packaging.Huadai is always devoted to solving the outstanding problems clients encountered,joint with the agents of more than 200 countries,has a full range of mature system including ocean FCL/LCL battery shipping,battery air freight,battery express delivery service,battery customs broker service etc.

Battery Ocean Shipping

Huadai International Freight Co.,Ltd work directly with ocean vessels such as Maersk,MSC,ANL,APL,COSCO, CSCL HANJIN,CMA,EMC,PIL,OOCL etc.Sea transportation services are mainly as follows:

  • FCL(Full container loading,all type of batteries)

  • LCL(Less container loading,all type of batteries)

  • Battery cutoms broker service

  • Battery packaging

  • Battery terminal handling

  • Assembled/dissembled



  • All batteries and the pakage should meet the requirements with UN38.3,and the test drop of packaging from the height 1.2 meters.

  • All batteries package need to paste Class 9 labeling.




  • The designation of battery or its package need to avoid exploding and short circuit and have solutions to take measures。

  • Solid outer package ,avoid any material possibly occured short circuit for inner package.

  • Fix the batteries and the package to prevent from moving or turning on the power.Make the package waterproof ,for instance,use some plastic bags.

  • Use pallets and foam for packing to protect each side of battery package.

  • North America cautions:

      All batteries to North America the inner strengthening of package must meet its requirements (The organization ARR,IATA,B.O.E,FMCSA,USCG,             DOT,IMDG),if any mistakes of strengthening of package,the goods may be detained in port of destination,unnecessary high addtional charge             such as terminal handling charge,demurrage charge,detention charge,binding-fastening charge etc.

  • Battery labels must be pasted on each side of fixed position.

Battery Air Transport

Verious of airlines can be chosen such as SQ,AZ,CX,BR,CI,FJ,BA,EK,TK,EY,ET,UPS,AF,KQ etc,according different batteries and airlines,loading airport will be Shenzhen,Hong Kong,Guangzhou,Shanghai or Beijing.Battery air shipment service as follows:

  • All type of batteris

  • Battery cutoms broker service

  • Battery packaging



  • Same as Battery Ocean Shipping(see above)

  • Outer package need to paste Class 9 labeling,the labels "Cargo Aircraft Only" ,marking UN number.





  • FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) in United States requires all batteries laid in cabin C, smoke detectors,automatic alarm,extinguisher inside.


Packaging requirements:

  • Lithium-ion battery/cell : No battery label if the power within 2.7 WH,single package for each battery/cell,not exceed 2.5kg per combined carton.

  • Lithium-ion cell : 2.7 WH~20 WH,8 pieces one small carton,20 WH~100 WH,2 pieces one small carton,battery label on cartons,not exceed 10kg per combined carton.

  • Lithium-ion battery:2.7 WH~100 WH,2 pieces one small carton ,battery label on cartons,not exceed 10kg per combined carton.

  • Other dry batteries: Individually insulated packaging inside,no battery label outside,single box less then 10kg.

  • Type of battery,voltage, capacity printed on battery

  • Packed isolately by anti-static bag or foam bag or small carton (transparent bags not accepted ), a large battery packaging must be isolated by foam, 
    the wire headpiece must be sealed ,the cells must be fixed with plastic box,the electrode can not be exposed,the packaging must be cardboard,thin/soft/round/bulge or other irregular packaging is not receipt.

  • Battery label dimension: 105*74 mm,the labels must be affixed well,smoothly.

  • the packaging of lithium metal batteries implemented the same as lithim-ion batteries.

  • A single box can not be more than two kinds of types of batteries,packaging individuely with general cargo and batteries,avoid mixing together.

  • Combined cartons fixed battery labels,information of shipper and consignee,attention.

  • Documents requirements: Remarks battery category(Lithium battery,dry battery etc.),type(PI965-PI970),power(current * voltage) on packing list,invoice and airway bill.

IATA battery packaging terms:

  • UN3090 lithium metal batteries

  • UN3480 lithium ion batteries

  • UN3091 lithium metal batteries contained in equipment

  • UN3091 lithium metal batteries packed with equipment

  • UN3481 lithium ion batteries contained in equipment

  • UN3481 lithium ion batteries packed with equipment

  • PI965: lithium ion batteries / cells (pure battery)

  • PI966: lithium ion batteries / cells packed with equipment (supporting cells)

  • PI967: lithium ion batteries / cells contained in equipment (built-in battery)

  • PI968: lithium metal batteries / cells pack (pure battery)

  • PI969: lithium metal batteries / cells packed with equipment (supporting cells).

  • PI970: lithium metal batteries / cells contained in equipment (built-in battery)

Battery Express Delivery

International express delivery service and packaging requirements:


  • DHL: lithium-ion batteries, cells, only accept laptop battery/camera battery/cellphone battery etc.
    FEDEX:  lithium-ion batteries, cells, lithium metal batteries,Ultra-WH battery, super-weight battery,imitation                  brand batteries,power bank etc.
    TNT: lithium-ion batteries, cells, lithium metal batteries,Ultra-WH battery, super-weight battery ,imitation                  brand batteries,power bank etc.
    UPS: lithium-ion batteries, cells,dry battery etc.

  • Packaging requirements same as air transport (please check above) .

  • Pakaging materials:

Battery Category
  1. Classified by battery components

  • Lithium battery

      Lithium-ion battery:

      Polymer Lithium-Ion Battery (PLB); Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery (LiFePO4); Lithium Cobalt Oxide (LiCoO2); Lithium Manganese Oxide (LiMn2O4);                 Lithium Nickel Oxide (LiNiO2); Lithium Titanate (Li2TiO3); Li(NiCoMn)O2 etc.
      lithium metal batteries :
      Lithium Sulfur Dioxide Battery (Li-SO2); Lithium Manganese Battery (LiMnO2); Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery (Li-SOCl2); Lithium-Iron Battery (LiFeS2)       etc.

  •  Dry battery

       Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery (NI-MH); Nickel-Cadmium Batteries (Ni-Cd); Zinc Manganese Batteries (Zn-Mno2); Zinc Silver Battery (ZnAg2O); ZnAgO;          Zinc-Air Battery (Zn-Air)

  • Accumulator Battery

      Lead-acid Battery; Phosphate Li-ion battery; Manganese Lithium battery; Ni-MH battery etc.

  • Photovoltaic cells etc.


2.  Classified by transportation

     By sea(All batteries can be arranged)

     By air/express(Different battery have different channels)

  • Lithium Ion Battery: less than 100WH battery/cells (All channels can be arranged).

  • Lithium Metal Batteries: lithium metal less than 2g battery/cells (Some channels can be arranged).

  • Button Battery: lithium metal less than 2g battery/cells (Some channels can be arranged).

  • Dry Battery. (Most channels can be arranged)

  • Ultra-WH, single battery weight 2.5KG-9.9KG lithium batteries. (Some channels can be arranged)

  • Super WH, single weight over 10KG Accumulator Battery. (Some channels can be arranged)

  • Lead-acid batteriy (Some channels can be arranged).


Laws & Regulations

Organization                                  Management Range                      Basic Requirements With Batteries Transportation


UN                                                     Worldwide/All ways                          Lithium ion battery under Class 9 dangerous goods

ICAO                                                  Worldwide/Air                                  All lithium battery shall be tested by UN38.3

IATA                                                   Worldwide/Air                                  Exception clause on the parts of lithium transport of DG Class 9
IMO                                                    Worldwide/Sea                                  Restrictions on the transportation of battery samples 
USDOT                                               USA/All ways                                    Restrictions on daily used lithium batteries of passengers
ADR                                                     EU/Land                                          All defective or damaged batteries are prohibited from transportation

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