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DG Cargo Air Freight


Huadai is a booking agent for airlines such as CX, EY, CA, CK, TK, EK, etc. We are familiar with the information, requirements, and restrictions for booking dangerous goods from major airlines, and use professional operations to save booking time and reduce booking costs for customers. We can operate international air transportation of dangerous goods in categories 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9, providing customers with professional, safe, fast, and economical dangerous goods air transportation services. And relying on a strong and comprehensive overseas hazardous goods agency network, as well as an advanced and scientific cargo tracking system, we provide customers with additional services such as foreign customs clearance, door point trailer, DDU, DDP, warehouse management, tally and distribution.

*In terms of air transportation of dangerous goods, we can provide the following services:

1. International express delivery and air parcel service for dangerous goods samples, including cargo transport condition identification report, air transport dangerous package certificate and replacement of UN package;

2. Air transportation of lithium batteries, equipment with lithium batteries, vehicles, batteries, Dry cell and other battery products, as well as the identification report of transportation conditions and UN38.3 test report of lithium batteries and equipment with lithium batteries, and the test report of battery vibration, differential pressure and 55 ℃ leakage;

3. Dangerous goods such as pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, pesticide raw materials, preparations, essence and fragrances, ink and coatings, fine chemicals, etc. are transported by air;

Various high-value dangerous goods cold chain packaging, warehousing, air transportation, providing dry ice, ice bags, refrigeration equipment, and full process dangerous goods cold chain logistics services;

4. Produce air freight transportation condition appraisal reports from authoritative institutions such as Institute of Chemical Engineering, DGM, Institute of Metrology, and Xinnuo on behalf of others;

5. Produce IMI appraisal reports, air freight dangerous package certificates, and performance certificates for the Commodity Inspection Bureau, and provide UN cardboard boxes, UN barrels, UN bottles, etc. of various models and specifications that meet the requirements

UN packaging materials required by IATA for international air freight dangerous goods packaging;

6. Provide additional services such as warehouse packaging replacement, tallying, labeling, palletizing, weighing, photography, and loading supervision;

7. Provide international logistics consulting and training services for the import and export of dangerous goods by air freight.

*Our Advantages:

1. Highly competitive prices

Huadai is a booking agent for airlines such as CX, EY, CA, CK, TK, EK, etc. We have a highly competitive price advantage in Japan South Korea, Hong Kong Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Middle East India Pakistan, Europe and the United States Canada routes.

2. A comprehensive global agency network

Huadai has numerous professional dangerous goods agents in major economic regions of various continents around the world. Our dangerous goods business covers major countries and cities around the world, and we can provide customers with value-added services such as dangerous goods declaration, import customs clearance, DDU, DDP, point trailers, warehousing and distribution.

3. Provide limited inner packaging for dangerous goods

For goods without performance certificates and hazardous packaging certificates, Huadai can provide various forms of inner packaging such as fluoride bottles, metal bottles, plastic bags, etc. that meet the inner packaging limit and material requirements in accordance with IATA DGR rules, and can also provide UN cardboard box outer packaging.

4. Quick agency appraisal report

Huadai has VIP accounts with Chemical Industry Corporation, which can quickly assist customers in handling transportation condition appraisal reports for hazardous chemicals.

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