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Medical Products


Huadai is a company authorized by GDFDA(Guangdong Food and Drug Administration),engaged in class I and class II medical diveices (certificate No.202027648).Huadai is engaged in medicine and medical device exporting and importing from or to China.Our Medicine service mainly include traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine, prescription medicine, ointment, hormone, pharmaceutical intermediates, pharmaceutical raw materials, chemicals, health products, weight loss drugs, oral liquid, capsules, biological reagents etc.We also operate medical device import and export from or to China,we are specialised in handling all medical products by sea or air and customs broker service worldwide.

Latest Operation

Medical Masks


face shield.png

Face Shield

COVID-19 Testing Kit


Isolation Gown

Waterless Hand Disinfectant

Portable Lung Ventilator

Infrared Thermometer

Alcohol Disinfectant Spray


Mobile Lung Ventilator


Surgical gloves


washable mask.png

Washable Mask

Requirements for Quotation

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  • Prodcut name ;

  • Quantity;

  • Address;

  • Packing size & weight;

  • Type of transportation;

  • Other relevent docs.


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